Ensuring Quality through Automated Visual Regression Testing

Presenters: mikemadison

Speaker(s): michael.madison, Daniel.skorski, jenna.larson, daniel.johnson

Deploying a site is easy; having confidence that it works as intended after the build is hard.  In this talk, we will outline our automated build workflow and show how we have integrated automated testing to ensure that builds don’t break sites. This process focuses on two critical steps: verifying functionality, which is accomplished using more traditional test suites like Behat and Selenium, and verifying the actual look/feel of the website, which is accomplished with a visual regression test performed by Wraith. These testing suites allow us to quickly pinpoint errors that might have slipped through all but the most rigorous manual testing.  Only after all of our tests are complete can we merge branches and move on to the next step.

This rigorous deployment process has liberated our team from tedious manual testing during critical deployment times.  As an added bonus, more members of our team are able to deploy sites to production with confidence because of the nature of automated testing.  This greatly streamlines our ability to push patches and new features into production.

After this talk you will be able to:

  • Learn the costs and benefits of setting up automated testing for your projects
  • understand the critical steps in any deployment workflow
  • run automated visual regression tests on your sites to gain confidence in delivery using Wraith
  • learn advantages of Behat and Selenium for automated functional testing
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