Microsites: an option for multisite development

Presenters: mikemadison

Speaker(s): heidi.wasem, michael.madison, Daniel.skorski, jenna.larson, daniel.johnson

A key feature of Drupal is its flexibility to perform tasks in numerous ways. Multisite integrations are no different. For clients that need a multisite look and feel, but who share common content staff and minimal theme differentiation, there’s an option to combine different sites into one Drupal code-base and database. Using Drupal’s strong taxonomy-driven framework to perform the differentiation between microsites has proven to be an effective solution for the customer. This approach enables the content to differentiate the microsite by logo, navigation and feel, while using common views, taxonomy and themes. The microsite concept has been used successfully to keep development costs down and allow for minimal content staff retraining.  

This technical talk will focus on how the PNNL Drupal team uses taxonomy and custom code to control microsite content display, headers, and navigation. A basic working knowledge of PHP, and Drupal Module development is recommended for this session.

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Site Building and Using Drupal
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