Accessibility, New Technology & the Aging Baby Boomers

Presenters: cmcnally

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Accessibility isn’t just for the blind or deaf. Accessibility is for everyone. Our eyes, ears, and motor function won’t get better with age.

Accessible design improves usability for everyone, and it increases SEO and market size for every website, and that matters more now than ever. With a technologically competent and aging Baby Boomer population, we are expecting previously unseen numbers of users who will demand accessible experiences, and we’re here to help you understand how to create them.


  1. An updated understanding of what accessibility is and whom it is for
  2. Experience websites through a screen-reader on a non-compliant, as well as a compliant website.
  3. Walk through a time and budget-saving method for creating closed captions.
  4. Learn about the long-term benefits of accessible design to improve web experiences for all users
  5. Gain insight into the great opportunities and requirements for voice control
  6. Articulate the upcoming / new Section 508 Refresh and how it may impact your work.
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Design, UX, and Accessibility