How to go from non-Drupal to Drupal 8: The API migration route

Presenters: gerardo

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Do you have to perform a migration from a legacy system to Drupal 8?

You don't know how to query the legacy database or don't have the software licenses to interact with it?

Oh wait, you don't even have direct access to the databases because they are behind impossible firewalls and VPNs or hidden in a bunker or outer space without anyone giving you access?

Fear no more, In this session, I will "hack" Symfony's demo blog application as an example ( to expose all of its blog posts as json. The demo app uses Sqlite3 which is a different database engine and has a different structure than that of a Drupal site.

After exposing this Application's data I will use Drupal's 8 migrate API to migrate these blog posts seamlessly, without having to query the Sqlite database directly. I will explain the overall process of the migration and the gotchas when implementing this kind of solution, I will also show the similarities between Symfony and Drupal when creating Controllers and the usage of both: Symfony Console and Drupal Console tools to scaffold and Drush commands to perform the migration.

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