Configuration Workflow in Drupal 8

Presenters: mikemadison

Configuration is a key concept in Drupal 8 that sits at the intersection of backend development, dependency management, theming, site building, and (in)sanity. Already the community has seen several significant shifts in the recommended "best practices" and with the announcement of a second configuration management initiative, there is no clear end in sight! 

Still, those of us that work with Drupal 8 every day have to manage configuration, and we have to do it in a reusable and stable way. 

This talk focuses on configuration management best practices as they stand today. 

We'll focus on things like:

  • Managing different configuration for different environments (config split)
  • Ignoring configuration entirely (config ignore)
  • Basic configuration workflow (including git, CI, testing, etc.)
  • Interaction with DevOps (using tools like Acquia BLT)
  • Dependency interactions with other config, modules, and composer
  • Working with configuration in code

Who should attend:

  • Site Builders
  • Developers
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Site Building and Using Drupal