Oh, the Vanity! How personal biases ruin the best of intentions.

Presenters: ahardy, kwebber

Today, the lion’s share of key decisions about citizens and their experiences are owned by a small contingent of educated people. But when those biases are released into the community, there is only so much we can do to rescue an investment that fails to resonate. However, there is hope; in some sectors, designers and developers are engaging design research earlier in the process, using stories and statistics to validate a business case for crafting more empathetic products and experiences.

In this session, Annie Hardy and Krystal Webber will discuss the empathetic design approach they've gained from their experience working with populations ranging from indigent Spanish-speaking populations to corporate CEOs. In the case studies shared, we'll examine the biases that emerged in the design process by government entities, startups, and corporate America, as well as how the public sector can make the upstream changes that can lead to success.

Attendees will leave with a set of questions and approaches they can apply to question their own biases in the design process. 

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Design, UX, and Accessibility