Ready? Set? Contribute!

Presenter: eojthebrave

Sharing is at the root of our community. We share code, knowledge, experiences, and sometimes even conflict—all in the interest of making Drupal better, our community stronger, and improving ourselves. But sharing is rarely easy to do. Competing forces like lack of time, imposter syndrome, and the lack of a safety net to fall back on can make it feel like we don't have anything worth contributing.

I believe that everyone has something to share. And that contributions comes in many different shapes and sizes. But I also totally recognize that figuring out what that is, or how to get involved can be super challenging.

In this session I'll draw from my 10+ years of experience working on, with, and in, open-source communities to share ideas about:

  • Different ways that you can contribute to open-source. Some of which involve code, and others that don't
  • Our local community and opportunities to get involved
  • The value of contributing to open-source for both individuals and businesses
  • Saying no, and being comfortable with doing so
  • Ways to encourage others around you, and help to foster new contributors

This session is for anyone who is interested in learning about how to get more involved in the Drupal community. And how doing so can lead to tangible outcomes and opportunities for growth both in your personal and professional life.

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