Accessible Design: empathy in a world with no average.

Presenters: cmcnally


Accessible design decisions are frequently relegated to “the right thing to do” or a “nice to have,” but within us is the power of accessible design to vastly improve impact, reach, and quality of the work.

Our in-house accessibility expert, Catharine McNally, was the first person to ever in the U.S. to receive a cochlear implant, and she has a lifetime of experience being an advocate and activist in creating better digital and physical experiences - for all humans.

Join us to hear Catharine‘s powerful story, immerse yourself in hands-on empathy building exercises, and learn from our design experts how to create magnificent work that is empowered, not hindered, by accessible design principles and best practices.

Who this appeals to: 

  • Designers at all levels who want to learn to be better at their craft and move past seeing accessibility as merely a constraint.

  • Product designers and managers who want to actually experience a moment with a disability in order to gain empathy and create better products.

  • Anyone who is not convinced that accessible design is desirable with clients and profitable.

Why attend this session?

This event is going to be FUN. Catharine’s high energy approach (she also owns and runs a CrossFit box in her spare time), invites everyone in to learn and experience together. Attendees will learn a ton AND have a great time doing it.

What will the attendees take away from this event? (personal value / professional value / tangible items / etc.)

Attendees will take away a tool kit of best practices, inspiration, and ideas of how to be better at their craft with a mindset that includes their entire community. They will experience memorable exercises in true empathy that will bring to life a critical awareness. 

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