Applying Drupal 8.7 Layout Builder to Real Projects

Presenter: adam.weingarten

Layout Builder, the next generation page builder for Drupal, officially shipped as a stable part of Drupal Core in May 2019. This is a HUGE milestone for the Drupal community in supporting drag and drop content editing.  For those living in D7, it's the Drupal core successor to Panels in D8.   

We will walk you through our experience and learnings in using layout builder for the upcoming relaunch of the Association of American Medical Colleges website where it was used to empower content editors to create a breath landing pages without needing developer intervention.

This session will explore:

  • What is layout builder?
  • How it can enable the creativity of your editors in a safe way?
  • How do you architect your blocks and sections to play well with each other?
  • How do you make the pages come together in a way that your content editors expect?

If you plan to use layout builder in your next project  (you should), and have particularly skilled content editors with a knack for breaking your best laid plans, this session is for you! 

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