Case Study // How Taoti used Drupal 8 Migrate to Integrate with Nimble (Salesforce)

Presenter: mmahon


Business model from all angles.

Taoti and the International Franchise Association are a month away from a website launch – a project that entailed a complete digital overhaul for a powerful, global organization. Together, Taoti and IFA set off on a journey of discovery: we sought a deep understand of the IFA brand, their audiences (which included a membership made up of 1,400 brands), and how to best use their digital presence to inspire, inform, and engage. The new website represents a future-forward association, creating fresh, positive connotations around a sometimes-misunderstood business model.

How did we do it?

  • We dove into the motivations of different IFA audiences and used our research to create logical, user-centric information architecture to direct and serve across user groups.
  • Our content experts took an experienced knife to their content overload. Essential content was revised, and outdated, unnecessary, or irrelevant content was respectfully retired. Our copywriters wrote SEO-optimized content for the key pages on the website, producing content that adheres to the selected brand voice
  • Our creative team created an exciting, engaging new design that sets IFA a world above any competitor.
  • We designed and developed a flexible, filterable franchise search tool that empowers opportunity seekers to find the very best options for their individual situations.
  • Together, we workshopped and selected a brand persona from which IFA can speak with a unified, consistent, and persuasive voice.

Developer Notes of Interest:

  • Synchronize 2500 Franchisors and 1500 Franchise Suppliers from Salesforce to Drupal 8 using the D8 migrate module and ancillary related modules
  • Single-Sign On Functionality between Salesforce and Drupal 8 to achieve the ability for curated content by the Franchisors themselves
  • Advertisements throughout the site using a paragraph-based approach
  • Featured / Paid-placement functionality for Franchisors based on information received from Nimble/Salesforce
  • Tailored / unique franchise search functionality
  • Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration during the build process
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