Drupal 7 // Drupal 8 // Drupal 9 // Drupal X

Presenter: mmahon

How can we plan for the Drupal 9 migration?

How can I communicate with my clients/stakeholders about what the Drupal 9 epoch looks like?

Get these answers and more by attending a session about in-depth strategies to articulate and plan for the upcoming Drupal 9 release. In this session we will:


  • Let's talk about Drupal's new iteration cycle to follow along with Symfony
  • Describe the current situation on drupal.org and in drupal.org issue queue and how things are going within the community.
  • What are potential 'gotchas' from a Symfony perspective as we migrate from Symfony 3 to Symfony 4
  • I'm still utilizing Drupal 7, what should I do?

In the weeds:

  • Provide a way to run Code Inspector within PhpStorm to see usages of functions that will be deprecated in Drupal 9 (or future versions of PHP, etcetera) and generate a report of the findings
    • Drupal 8-specific
  • Creating CI/CD pipelines to check for Drupal 9 compliance
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