Georgia GovHub: a case study

Presenters: dsayswhat

Over the last year, Digital Services Georgia has worked with Lullabot and other vendors to design and produce a new Drupal 8 platform for their 85+ state agency and elected official sites, currently on Drupal 7.

Starting with content strategy and design, pattern libraries and media management all the way through infrastructure, migration and deployment, there have been numerous challenges to face. 

In this presentation, we'll look at some of those key challenges and how we faced them. In addition to the design and development issues described above, we'll talk about things like:

* what kind of planning is necessary for a major multi-site project to succeed

* a repeatable migration process for multiple sites 

* how do you go from The Big Idea at the start of your project to successfully launching sites?

* what kinds of team processes make a large-scale Drupal re-platform project succeed?

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