How to build your Drupal site with flexibility in mind


You've been managing the process of building and/or renovating web sites and apps for a while, or managing projects that constantly need to be refactored...

It's time to begin thinking about how you can build them in a more flexible manner so that you won't need to build and rebuild key functionality when a redesign is required.

This session will demonstrate key concepts for the organizational stages of building your Drupal project in a manner that structures your data, saves you development time and money, while creating a high quality and lower maintenance outcome for your overall development solution.

In this session, we will discuss the following aspects of project management -

Why Drupal works for your project.

Essential team roles.

How to structure your content in a flexible manner with Drupal.

Agency Authorization to Operate and system security. (ATO)

Managing your MVP so that feelings aren't hurt.

Common threats to project success.

With hopefully enough time left for Q&A.

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