Innovating FOIA: Drupal, open data, and

Presenter: dangur

Ever wonder how the new Freedom Of Information Act national portal can process all federal requests in a single system? Get a look into the lifecycle of a FOIA request from webform submission through agency processing. We’ll share an API available for agencies to receive requests programmatically. You’ll gain perspectives spanning four government focused organizations of this decoupled Drupal backend with static front-end project. We’ll explore some details of the journey including how we batch process files for performance while enhancing security using queues. We’ll also touch on Single Sign On with, custom webform development, and API testing with the PHPUnit Kernel suite.

Key topics

  • Decoupled Drupal
  • Open Data
  • APIs
  • Webform dev
  • Automated & performance testing

Who should attend
This panel presentation will be accessible to most, but particularly interesting for those:

  • Curious about the FOIA
  • Interested in decoupled Drupal / APIs
  • Wondering about webform
  • Serious about automated and performance testing
Experience Level
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