Making your site scream: building for frontend performance

Presenter: adam.weingarten

No one likes a slow web page.  People’s attention spans are short. Every second of additional load time can cost you user engagement and less time spent on page. 

This session will look at how you can weave end user performance into your sprints so that by the time you launch, your site is already fast!   Want pages that load in less than 1 second?  We’ll show you we applied the following techniques on the upcoming Association of American Medical Colleges site:

  • Evaluating designs and style guides for performance pitfalls
  • Identifying libraries that can cause slow downs
  • Evaluating HTTP requests
  • Attacking page weights
  • Using Drupal image styles
  • Using developer tools to find bottlenecks in you render pipeline that prevent the first paint of your webpage
  • Preloading key resources
  • What frontend optimizations you can safely ignore because the juice isn’t worth the squeeze

Finally, we’ll look at some other example sites and analyze them together in real time to identify performance bottlenecks.  By the end of this session, you’ll be ready to apply these techniques to your next site, and even if you have an existing site that needs some love, you’ll be able to bolt these onto your current build. 

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