Stop Reporting Pageviews & Other Tips for Actually Useful Reports

Presenters: elpatterson

Oh, the dreaded monthly web analytics report! Compiling website -- and email and social media -- metrics into a regular report often falls to the content management team. But even though you spend hours each month creating these reports, you may feel like they don't provide the insights you need. 

This talk has practical tips for putting together meaningful reports and preforming useful analysis of your website’s content, conversions and audience. Using real examples from other government (or gov contractor) websites, this talk provides concrete ideas that web managers can implement on their own sites. 

What you’ll learn about digital metrics:

  • The web’s most misunderstood metrics (hint: stop reporting pageviews and bounce rate) and what you should measure instead
  • How to get insight into engagement on your site
  • Tips on using Google Analytics to capture more meaningful data on your site
  • How to save time (and sanity) by automating your reports

(I presented this topic at the DC Drupal meetup in November 2018 and as a webinar. I provided the link ) 

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