Correctly Nest Entities and Build Healthy Multilingual Relationships

Presenters: aimeerae

As component-based design principles evolve, the actual implementation in Drupal can be performed in many ways. Most, if not all, component-based site building approaches rely on Entity Relationships. Adding multilingual support that is Correct and Predictable can be a challenge to configure. In this session, we'll surface best practices of Multilingual configuration with entity relationships.

Oh, but how many types of entity relationships are there? It shouldn't be that hard, right? Paragraphs, Layout Builder, referenced nodes, custom entities, media entities, taxonomy terms. The list goes on.

And did you want to nest those entities? How many blocks can include other blocks that include Paragraphs that include taxonomy terms and Media Entities? Hmm... does this sound familiar? Perhaps a highly configurable component?

And how many permutations of "multilingual" can there be? Well, there is translation vs. localization. Each requiring Drupal's CMS and page display to be configured for Correct and Predictable Display. Even for those complex nested entities.

We'll cover:

  • Common multilingual use-cases and configuration approach with nesting
  • Considerations with leading component-based site-building architectures
  • Tools that exist in the community, and those that may need to be developed!

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the challenges of multilingual and entity relationships
  • Identify use-cases that they may leverage on their sites
  • Make good decisions architecting their multilingual site-building strategy
  • And more!

Target Audience

This session is geared for seasoned site-builders, themers, or developers that need to provide multilingual component-based solutions to their clients.

Although beginners can find some value, we are going to cover a lot of topics and terms, assuming the audience will understand them.


Attendees will get the most out of this session by being familiar with:

  • Site-building principals
  • Content entities and their creation
  • Component-based design principles and implementation in Drupal
  • Understanding of entity relationships, how to create them, and how Drupal renders them
  • Basic understanding of multilingual configurations (come along for the ride if there is no previous experience)
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Site Building and Using Drupal