Creating Interactive Tools That Improve Federal Agency Customer Experience (Part 1)

Presenters: tk421jag

This is part one of a two part series.

This session will look into how MetroStar uses the policy guidelines from USDA to design a tool based on user research and experience. We will walk people through the dos and don'ts of tools such as these and how we arrived at various decisions in the designs.


Since it's inception, has been working towards supplying Farmers and Producers with the tools they need to research and apply for applicable loans and services. These tools are designed with the end user in mind to make their experience easy and  straight forward. 

This session will discuss how these interactive tools were designed based on the policy decisions made by USDA and passed along to our team. We will discuss how to prototype and how this leads to making clear UX

decisions. Additionally, we will discuss how we used focus groups to test our designs prior to sending these interactive tools into development. 

As we walk through several of these interactive tool designs, we will discuss why certain decisions were made with the structure and mechanics of the tools. We will examine the dos and don'ts of interactive tool design and how Drupal helped to structure how these tools work.

The takeaways from this session will better prepare you to test your designs even as policy decisions are being made down to the deadline. You will better understand how interactive tools can be planned using Drupal content structures as a guide.

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