Creating Interactive Tools That Improve Federal Agency Customer Experience (Part 2)

Presenters: tk421jag

This session will be a second part to the design session where we will discus various development decisions based on how the tools should function and how we implemented them. We'll start with the Disaster Tool development, then go to the H2A tool, Farm loan Tool, and then the Conservation Tool and explain how we built them and how we used Drupal to structure our development choices and how the tools work. 

Synopsis: uses various interactive tools to guide farmers and producers through gathering their paperwork, forms, and seeing what kind of federal assistance they are qualified for. These tools were designed based on policy decisions made by USDA.

The Disaster Assistance Discover Tool was the first interactive tool developed by MetroStarSystems. It's goal is to provide a discovery process to farmers and producers to find out what federal assistance they my qualify for. The first inception of this tool used 100% javascript and HTML and wasn't editable through Drupal at all. The decisions for doing this were really lack of development time and resources.

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