Mindful Leadership in Difficult Times

Presenters: dmkelner

The year 2020 came in with a bang. Our plans were put on hold, our lives were changed. We all ended up with zoom fatigue trying to satisfy our human need for social contact.

Let's discuss what we can do, collectively and as individuals, to become more attuned to our world, more compassionate to those around us, and more accepting of whatever comes our way. We will unpack the concept of mindfulness, a term that is so present right now in our society, and yet perhaps so misunderstood as well. We'll discuss what mindfulness is, the science that supports it, and why you might consider bringing mindfulness into the workplace, especially if your Drupal team is distributed or experiencing burn out. We will include time for a short practice and discussion led by a certified mindfulness teacher and facilitator.

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Community and Being Human