Beginner Drupal and Project Management Half Day Trainings Tuesday, July 21st

Sat, 06/13/2015 - 10:45

This year, part of our Trainings curriculuum are two amazing half day sessions. There's Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance from Fortezza Consulting and for the beginners out there we have Getting Started with Drupal from Fig Leaf Software.


Fig Leaf Software and Getting Started with Drupal

Fig Leaf Software, a Service Connected Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, has has been around for over 20 years providing a diverse range of clients with needs across the entire spectrum of web-related services, including design, marketing and content strategies, custom software development, product licensing and personalized training.

David (Dave) Gallerizzo,  CEO of Fig Leaf Software, will lead the training class. Dave maintains enterprise certifications for Adobe ColdFusion, Amazon AWS, Google Apps, Google Maps, and Google Search Appliance platforms, while also teaching a variety of technical classes on a regular basis, including: Advanced ColdFusion Development, Administering ColdFusion Servers, Google Apps Deployment, Google Search Appliance Deployment, and Developing for the CommonSpot CMS platform. Dave's a busy guy, right?

Dave has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the University of Maryland (Terps!!), with minors in Economics and Mathematics.  Dave retired with 24 years of service from the United States Marines Corps, reserve component, in 2011. During his service, he held enlisted and officer ranks, in both the Light Armored Reconnaissance and Combat Engineer fields, and obtained a final rank of Chief Warrant Officer 2. And you can totally Connect with Dave on LinkedIn. 

This is a free introductory seminar for government employees who are curious about Drupal and want to find out more about it. Whether you're an experienced web developer or implementing your first web content management system, your Drupal guide will tailor the presentation to suit your needs. During the presentation, you will review how to create a new site on Drupal Gardens as well as the basics principles of managing content, adding functionality, and theming Drupal web sites.

Course Outline

Session 1. Getting Started with Drupal
Exercise 1.1 - Change site name and slogan
Exercise 1.2 - Add content
Exercise 1.3 - Add a static block

Session 2. Configuration before code
Exercise 2 - Add a webform to your site

Session 3. Thinking like Drupal
Exercise 3.1 - Create a content type
Exercise 3.2 - Create content
Exercise 3.3 - Create some sample content
Exercise 3.4 - Build a query of content with Views and output a block
Exercise 3.5 - Place the block in a region on your page
Exercise 3.6 - Check the position of all your blocks
Exercise 3.7 - Change the layout of your site
Exercise 3.8 - Add custom CSS
Exercise 3.9 - Change the look of the site

Fortezza Consulting and Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance

There is no one magical project management tool for all projects. Each method has it's own pluses and minuses, that's where Fortezza Consulting comes in. They're goal is to help improve the performance of organizations’ information technology (IT) project portfolios.  Their ACCLAIM™ framework uses a mix of Agile, Critical Chain, Lean, and other techniques to get more projects done, avoid project failures, and encourage a “best tool for the job” approach to project execution methodology. 

In this half day session, intended for IT Project Managers, PMO Directors, and other IT Program/Project Management executives, and anyone else moving into these roles, you'll touch upon all five PMI-specified PPM knowledge areas while learning how to move your project success rates out of the 50-60% range.

This session will focus on a few of the key underlying drivers of project portfolio reliability, and will show how proven techniques from Critical Chain, Agile, and Lean can be integrated into a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) construct that is designed to help you achieve dramatic improvements.

This session is provided by Mike Hannan, best-selling author, speaker, and innovator of industry-leading IT project portfolio performance techniques. His career spans a diversity of fields, including software engineering, space systems development, high-performance computing, economic development, international trade, and project portfolio management (PPM), but Mike still doesn’t know what he wants to be if and when he grows up. Mike serves on the board of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Washington DC Chapter, on two corporate boards, and on the PMO for the Project Management Day of Service—the largest PM pro-bono event in the history of mankind—and for which Fortezza proudly serves as the first founding sponsor.