Sat, 06/06/2015 - 21:58

I'm thrilled to be writing this announcement because this person was one of the first people I met in the Drupal community. She was definitely the highest profile one I'd met and there I was, one of 3 women in my class being taught by the likes of Eaton, Randy Fay and Webchick. And now, today, I get to write our announcement that Angie Byron will be keynoting for us, opening Drupal GovCon with an eye toward the future and the release of Drupal 8!

But with the good news, comes some bad news. Angie has graciously stepped in to replace Dries who is no longer able to keynote our event. But we are getting Angela Byron, Director of Community Development at Acquia, and  Drupal core co-maintainer. Angela Byron is an open source evangelist who lives and breathes Drupal.

So, if we can't have Dries, at least we can have the next best thing, one of my trainers from way back....oh, no, I'm so not telling when that was!!

Kirsten (bendygirl)



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