Connecting a medical publications library to PubMed: Case study of NIA’s Alzheimer’s Preclinical Trial Database (AlzPED)

07/24/2015 - 13:00-07/24/2015 - 13:45
Room B
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Code and DevOps

This track is focused on developers and the back-end technologies to deal with today’s and future challenges. With the coming release of Drupal 8, as well as emerging Web technologies, preparation is essential. These sessions will help you learn how to deliver effective solutions to meet these needs.


How can PubMed enhance your Scientific Database? While several modules available on, however, there are additional possibilities to enhance PubMed / Drupal integration. We’ve explored various possibilities for improving upon current options with features such as:

- Using the ECitMatch utility to search for PubMed IDs matching a citation string

- Showing related publications by MeSH search terms

- Showing related publications by querying the ELink utility

We will also talk about using the retrieved MeSH terms in Drupal faceted search, and how PubMed fits into AlzPED’s overall strategy.