The Digital Age of Healthy People 2020

07/22/2015 - 11:15-07/22/2015 - 12:00
Room B
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Front-end, User Experience and Design

This track covers delivering projects focused on the most important audience—the end user. Learn how to leverage Drupal to help you keep abreast of emerging trends in the mobile, componentized Web world. We’ll show you strategies for fostering collaboration between content creators, designers, strategists, and end-users. recently underwent a migration from a developer-maintained .NET website to a customized Drupal content management system. This migration streamlined content updates and improved efficiency by consolidating multiple administrative portals and allowing more control over real-time content updates. The Healthy People 2020 team took this opportunity to revisit the website’s interactive tools, assess the current information architecture, and improve the overall user experience for users.


In this presentation, we will review the process used to migrate a complex website to a Drupal CMS, including our strategy for keeping end users in mind. We will outline:

  • The user research methods we used, including focus groups and in-depth interviews, information architecture testing (tree testing), persona development, usability testing, and multiple rounds of prototype testing through the design process
  • Findings and recommendations from the user research
  • Improvements to the front end of — including custom form submission workflows that used to be managed over email and better UX through consistent Drupal taxonomies
  • Next steps for using Drupal to support Healthy People’s content strategy (e.g., syndicating content and engaging Healthy People stakeholders in a simple and efficient content review)