Get your Training Here! Get Your Training Here! Get your Training HERE!!

Thu, 06/11/2015 - 15:58

I've been working with Capital Camp, Drupal Government Days and now Drupal GovCon since the start.

Clearly, I need more of a life, but I digress.

From the start, under the escalator in Chicago with Betsy and Kieran, we really just wanted to make sure our little event provided great training for all attendees. But this year, with our new name, the Core Code Sprint (don't forget to sign up), Webchick keynoting, and the tremendous response we got from session submissions (almost 170 for just 76 spots, just amazing), we just had to kick training butt, right? I mean, come on we totally had to kick this up a notch, right?

This year, we will host trainings before Drupal GovCon and during Drupal GovCon. We'll even have extended D8 core code sprints for the weekend, too!

Not only are the trainings offered by leaders in Project Management, Open Source and Drupal training, the Trainings are also an amazing offering for all skill levels providing hands-on real-world examples and practice.

So, go on, head over to the trainings page and sign up!

But if you do take a ticket for a training, please, PLEASE, only take a ticket if you will attend. A no show just makes gives me a sad. So, let's not do that, cool? Cool!

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