Open Source Keynote Panel

07/23/2015 - 10:00-07/23/2015 - 11:00
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Drupal is an amazing community of developers, designers, builders, project managers and we could go on and on and on...

But what about other Open Source Communities? How do you get involved with them? Are they structured the same way? 

In this keynote, we have a distinguished panel of open source community activists representing Joomla!, CiviCRM and Open Science Frameworks. You'll hear about their projects, why and how they got started in these communities, how the communities have grown or will grow and then, you can ask questions. And if that isn't enough, you can also attend one of their scheduled BoFs on Thursday to ask more questions, learn about their projects and even try it out! How Fantabulous is that? Pretty Darn Fantabulous, Pretty Darn Fantabulous!!

Link to Video of Keynote

Open Science Framework

Erin Braswell  Github and Twitter. Open Science Framework Twitter

Erin Braswell is a Developer for the Center for Open Science, a non-profit technology company providing free and open services to increase inclusivity and transparency of research.  Currently she is one of two lead developers on the SHARE project, building a free, open data set about research and scholarly activities across their lifecycle.  In her spare time, she keeps up with the latest in Astronomy research and plays the cello in a band.



Ryan Ozimek Github and Twitter

Ryan is the CEO and founder of PICnet Inc, a Web development and innovations firm providing a variety of services for non-profit and public sector organizations worldwide.  With client-bases in Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco, Ryan often finds himself travelling, but his current home base is in Washington DC where PICnet has its headquarters.

Introduced to Mambo back in 2003 by one of his staff’s developers, Ryan quickly saw the great ability of the CMS to aid non-profit organizations.  After writing two Slashdot stories on the creation of Joomla, Ryan quickly became more heavily involved in the Joomla community.  He now manages the non-profit board on the Joomla forums, and frequently gives speeches in the non-profit community in the US related to the use of open source and Joomla within organizations, and created Joomla Tuesdays, a free gathering of Joomla users and developers across the US in the non-profit sector.

Ryan has a B.A. in Communications from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and a Masters of Public Policy from UCLA as well.


Michael Daryabeygi Github and Twitter

Michael works a Developer and Principal at Ginkgo Street Labs, a DC-based startup that focuses on helping nonprofits leverage open source and mobile technologies. Ginkgo Street Labs specializes in making CiviCRM easy for nonprofits. CiviCRM is an open source CRM platform that enables organizations to manage their memberships, email lists, events, donations, and more all in one place, so they can get a 360 degree view of how their constituents are engaging with them.  Specifically, Ginkgo Street Labs helps organizations with CiviCRM maintenance, upgrades and customizations. In addition, they also help nonprofits develop mobile apps that help them achieve their mission.

A long time consultant for nonprofit organizations as well as state-level government agencies.  Michael has considerable project management and client communication expertise. Born and raised in the DMV (DC, MD, VA), Michael grew up with a strong sense of social justice and started working with nonprofit websites way back at the turn of the century (2001).  He even built a CRM from scratch before finding and now contributing to the CiviCRM community.

Michael is passionate about protecting our democracy and our right to assembly and affiliation and when he isn't working, you might find him biking to new places, peregrinating amongst the trees and mountains, enjoying art in the city or teaching Tai Chi Chuan.



Nneka Hector Github and Twitter

Nneka is currently a senior web developer at DSFederal.  Her dev career started working with COBOL and mainframe technologies for a telecommunications firm. According to Nneki, getting laid off from this firm was the best thing that ever happened to her. It provided her the opportunity to develop various web applications and content management systems (CMS) using PHP, .NET/C#, Wordpress, Sitecore, Ektron and Drupal. This started her love for all things open source. Nneka has been involved in many different CMS implementations and migrations using Drupal for government agencies (USDA FNS & NAL, DHS ICE, & SBA). In her spare time, she enjoys tinkering with code (Puppet/Vagrant to using SASS and Compass) and spending time with family.