Painless Migration: WordPress to Drupal

07/23/2015 - 13:00-07/23/2015 - 13:45
Room B
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Site Building

Learn how to leverage the flexibility of Drupal to deliver experiences in nearly limitless ways. See how you are able to do this—often without code and relying on the ever-expanding universe of contributed modules.


Many users prefer WordPress because of its simplicity and usability, but when looking for something more powerful or versatile, Drupal can easily become the better option. Both of them are easy-to-use, open source content management systems, and the process of migration can be equally as simple when migrating from WordPress to Drupal.

WordPress Import/Export facilitates migration, as it uses the XML file or WordPress Export file (WXR), which contains all information about author, nodes, vocabularies, and comments.

For migration from WordPress to Drupal, we can use several different modules to ensure all data is transferred, but WordPress Migrate is the the module we will be using in this session. This module allows us to easily roll back and retry with different settings if your first attempt is not successful.

Join us for this great session that will include full step by step instructions how to move your Wordpress site into Drupal 7.