Phased Migration to Drupal: The Nuts and Bolts

07/24/2015 - 11:15-07/24/2015 - 12:00
Room D
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Site Building

Learn how to leverage the flexibility of Drupal to deliver experiences in nearly limitless ways. See how you are able to do this—often without code and relying on the ever-expanding universe of contributed modules.

This session will focus on the technical process of a phased migration using the Migrate module. We’ll examine a recent federal project involving a site of 20,000+ nodes, and 9 different content types utilizing up to 40 fields each. The phased approach incurred some interesting challenges which we’ll outline with our solutions. We'll also cover the tools involved and provide a deep dive into its Drupal code.

During the presentation, we’ll discuss:

  • Why a phased migration?
  • The client’s business requirements and how it drove our strategy.
  • The building blocks of a phased migration.
  • CDN and its role in phased deployment.
  • Why we chose Migrate?
  • Basic structure of a Migrate module script.
  • The various forms of data that the Migrate module can consume.
  • Analysis of the many callbacks provided by Migrate and how we used them. This is where the power of Migrate really kicks in.