Scavenger Hunt

The Drupal GovCon scavenger hunt game board is your ticket at a chance to win a brand new MacBook Pro! Below, you will find a board similar to bingo, which is played in a similar fashion.

Sponsor a Square

Scavenger Hunt Sponsors set themselves apart from the rest of the event sponsors by creating ways to interact with attendees on social media or booth visits for one-on-one presentations or drive session attendance. This is your chance to engage our audience. 

Players may be asked to follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page, visit your booth, post on your linkedin page, Re-tweet that job posting, TWEET FROM YOUR BOAT PARTY (guess who that is?) ... How do you want to be remembered at GovCon? Use the Scavenger Hunt to engage with attendees and be memorable!

This is a limited time offer, and you must respond by 2pm this Monday, July 13th, to secure your spot. Squares are $150.


How To Play

Look at each square. Determine the logo in each square and which company it belongs to; then based on the icon in the lower right hand corner (twitter bird, facebook, tardis/booth icon, etc), determine the action that needs to occur whether it be that you like the company's facebook page, tweet about the company or at them, go to their booth and get a stamp/sticker.

Once you have completed a "DRUPAL", similar to getting BINGO, and gotten 6 in a row, you will turn the board in (details to be annouced at the Con) and be entered to win a brand new MacBook Pro!

Sample game board coming soon!