Site Building

Learn how to leverage the flexibility of Drupal to deliver experiences in nearly limitless ways. See how you are able to do this—often without code and relying on the ever-expanding universe of contributed modules.

Learn how you can create conference or event websites!

Come learn how to create a website for a conference or other event! We will talk about registrations, paid tickets, sponsors, and more! How can I create such awesome websites? Using COD of course! COD, the Conference Organizing Distribution, has a long history in powering regional Drupal camps, summits and even DrupalCon. But COD is more than just a distribution for Drupal events. Recent work on COD has made it far more flexible and friendly, so that it can drive any events-oriented website from unconferences and regional meetups to large international conferences.

Site Building with the End User in Mind

Building a successful Drupal website or Platform is often all about a lot of configuration & modeling of the needs of the folks who will be using the site & how the content they are producing is exposed. 

Who are these ‘end users’? They are just good people who want to easily get work done & I’ve been one of them in Drupal 5, Drupal 6 & Drupal 7. 

This session will focus on strategies & tips drawn from what ‘end users’  need & then explore some Drupal Examples of how to configure Drupal to be more end user focused: 

Joomla! 101

Yeah, yeah, it's a drupal event—and Drupal does complex things amazingly well—but what if you can't use Drupal? What if your non-profit or agency picked something else and it's open source too? What if, it's Joomla!?

Join us for a Joomla! 101 session and learn how to create articles, sections and categories, menus, taxonomy terms, and more. We'll get you started with Joomla! and show you the amazing things you can do. 

Delaying the Inevitable: Future Proofing your Drupal 7 Site

Your organization just launched a new site on Drupal 7 but you keep hearing that Drupal 8 is around the corner. What will this mean for the future of Drupal 7? How can you take advantage of the new features in Drupal 8? What do you need to do to prepare your site for migration to Drupal 8?

We will answer these questions and more in this session by taking a look at the different ways you can protect your investment in your Drupal 7 website while future proofing your site for an eventual migration to Drupal 8.

Limbering Up Drupal with Flexible Layouts, WYSIWYG Templates, & More

Drupal’s content editing experience is key for content administrators who use it to publish information daily. But many Drupal sites suffer from either too many content types, with too many restrictions on what content can do within them — or too few content types, with too much reliance on admins having an advanced knowledge of HTML and/or a developer they can contact when iffy formatting code breaks a page.

Hello Drupal

If you're brand new to Drupal, let Hello Drupal be your welcome wagon!

In this 1.5 hour session, experience using Drupal, and learn about the community as well.

Prerequisites:  Knowledge of HTML and CSS preferable, but not required.

By the end of the training you will be able to: 

5 Top Drupal Innovations You Can't Live Without

Now that Drupal 7 has reach full maturity and perhaps entering into it's Autumn years we're able to take full stock of Drupal 7 features that have taken off and a few that fell flat. This presentation will explore the most valuable innovations in Drupal 7 and offer examples illustrating why these features have become so valuable. We'll also take a look at how today's most valuable features will fair in the upcoming release of Drupal 8.

Drupal Innovations we'll be exploring

Drupal Learing Management

The growing capabilities of the Drupal Opigno distribution offer new, exciting opportunities to satisfy your training and continuing education needs in a cost-effective way with open source technology in a secure, documented manner that supports Federal IT standards.

This session will look at how we can develop and manage complete custom learning management applications with Drupal that include course modules, assessments, surveys, student collaboration, and completion certificates and CME units.  



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