Taking charge of the unknowns - The Project Management of a Drupalgeddon compromise

07/23/2015 - 14:00-07/23/2015 - 14:45
Room E2
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Business and Strategy

The purpose of this track is two-fold - one angle helps you to understand the advantages of Drupal from an organizational leadership angle and the other is to highlight the great Drupal sites and projects you're working on and to show what's possible. These sessions are business focused, and will be non-technical.


What happens when you lead developer pings you with an “Uh oh, something is amiss with this site” or when you hear from a client that Google is reporting their site as malicious? Reaction mode kicks in, but in order to properly evaluate the situation you have to have a plan for moving forward.

When bad things happen to a site you are responsible for, the response is critical. Project Managers must have a different perspective to solve all of the issues and it must be on sound footing. 

When one the sites I am responsible was compromised I had to have a plan otherwise we would be spinning our wheels and pouring budget down the drain. This was clearly a terrible thing, it was not planned for, I was not anticipating something of this level, but leveraging my experience and expertise I was able to treat the issue as a mini-project. 

My approach was divided into investigation,analysis and response. We will discuss the following topics and how they came together:

  • All about the “W”s
  • Why this matters and isn’t one of these an “H”?
  • How the “w”’s help guide the response
  • Building great teams is not always about the obvious
  • Communicating bad news as good news to a client
  • Taking charge of the unknowns
  • From investigation to response
  • Rapid, but thoughtful responses