Accepted Sessions

Business and Strategy

Barrett, Janessa Worrell

The decision to open source a set of code is easy when the owner of that code is an individual, but when the owner of the code is an organization the decision is more complicated.


Drupal 8 was released in December and it provides by default accessibility that is head and shoulders above any other CMS. For the last 8 years we have been working on implementing defaults that...


In government, client/vendor relationships are often fraught with many challenges from the onset: RFPs are written before site needs can truly be discovered and architected, web committees are...


Five years ago in 2011 the State of Georgia started planning to change its web publishing platform to Drupal.

mdickey, spatz, wgu, ltabifor

Questex made a decision to build a new platform that would host all 60 of their Web properties, but were hesitant to do so on Drupal 8. After weighing the risk of being an early adopter they...

adam.organ, lindsey.catlett

Faced with managing multiple code bases for legacy agency web sites, WebNY found a way to deliver a bleeding-edge Drupal 8 platform to support hundreds of agency web sites on a single distribution...


This session is great for Project Managers, Strategists, and UX Designers who want to add value and improve User Experience for not a lot of hours.

joshua.smith, mark.vogelgesang

Agile software development approaches have recently been adopted in many government offices, disrupting traditional project roles and responsibilities.  The government "Product Owner" has emerged...


The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI’s) program helps people quit smoking every day.

jjones, cneigh, epravlis

The rising use of Atomic Design, a design system that favors using a collection of build-block design components rather than monolithic templates to build a site, empowers designers to establish...


The White House’s United States Digital Service (USDS) is actively working with government agencies to make it easier than ever to buy Agile software development.



Every workplace has it's culture and the agencies and departments within the US Government are no exception. 

chris, Cdoten

Civic and governmental groups around the world today are too often hamstrung by a lack of access to powerful webapps for organizing and communication with citizens. Commercial software, if...

bill.barbot, allison.soussi-tanani, david.p.miller, evan.parker

If you’re familiar with the Federal space, you’ve likely heard of The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Damien McKenna

Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) has become a powerhouse movement in the software industry, with almost everyone benefitting in some way from it.

fen, adam.bergstein

Securing a Drupal site is like peeling layers off an onion -- or examining all the layers of an onion at once. It impacts every tier of the architecture: the network, infrastructure, services,...


Approaching a platform transition requires proper planning and execution on top of a serious technical architecture. In this session, we’ll discuss the migration of from the...

carsarge, mburge

During this session, we will talk about who our digital projects are actually serving, compared to who we often find ourselves designing for.

Bendygirl, jr

"...if we could get 200 Drupalers in a room and we could do an unconference?" And that was me, sitting under an escalator with my partners in crime coming up with the plan to do our first Capital...


In this session, attendees will be provided with an introduction to the FedRAMP authorization process - both in terms of the general requirements for compliance and successful authorization, and...

mfranzini, mburge

Do your colleagues call you Speedbump because you get thrown under the bus a lot? Are you frantically scheduling meetings to deal with a phantom stakeholder's great new idea? Do you feel like you ...

heather.skinner, eric.robbins

Improving the user experience is more than making one update after another - it’s an ongoing, data-driven process. One where everything is considered an interconnected part that ultimately helps...

lucas, miles

Description: Views Bulk Operations (VBO) is a great module for performing operations on groups of nodes.



Description: Drupal has a great structure but what happens when you need more than Drupal can provide? IYoutube, Twitter, and Amazon AWS Services are just some of the API options...


During the last decade we've experienced (and continue to experience!) a great tide of Drupal adoption in government. Today nearly 40% of .gov sites are powered by Drupal, and that number keeps...

carsarge, mfranzini, sbrackat

Is good collaboration possible without a full internal team? This session will present a unique perspective on an agency team’s collaboration methods throughout Drupal web build completed without...


So you’ve just found out that your Government Agency is moving their portfolio to FedRAMP – Now What?

Kevin Walsh, fmizzell

If you’ve been around web development for a few years, you’ve probably experienced the pitfalls of “waterfall” discovery sprints, in which a perfected vision of a website is designed and...

stephen, david

Through years of experience working with clients developing websites to overcome organizational obstacles we have refined a process for gathering critical information. By determining what the...


The hunt for Drupal talent by government, not-for-profits and businesses is an ever-increasing priority that has reached the competition level of sales, and for most of us, the approach is similar...

webbykat, sam_elliott

Whether you're the client assembling the requirements for a web project or the vendor developing a proposal to meet them, you have the same goal: getting a great product online.


Web personalization allows content to be tailored to the interests of the visitor, resulting in increased engagement and better experiences. Personalized content is essential to an effective...


You know you have to meet 508/WCAG 2.0 standards, but they always seems to get neglected in your redesigns and content revisions.