Contribution Sprints

Interested in contributing to Drupal while attending the conference? Be sure to register by Friday, July 23rd! We have two major code initiatives that we’ll be working on during Drupal GovCon:

HopeOneSource Platform

The HopeOneSource platform serves as an online central location of information for nearby career, available housing, and social services for people in need. It provides a real-time, multilingual, collaborative messaging tool that uses geolocated text messages to connect Washington, DC’s most vulnerable residents to housing, career, and social services.

Service providers post short messages about their available services on the HopeOneSource web platform, and these messages are then sent out as text alerts to the phones of nearby DC residents who have registered to receive them.

Mobile and desktop friendly maps and lists of available services based on demographic characteristics are also available through the HopeOneSource DC platform, which is free-to-use for both local service providers and DC residents.

Why HopeOneSource needs you

HopeOneSource is social technology for good, built by volunteers, that is helping prevent and end homelessness in Washington, DC by connecting DC residents at risk of and experiencing homelessness to the services they need. Volunteering to improve the platform will assist in advancing an open source project whose mission is to help communities end homelessness.

Together, we’ll make some great strides toward helping to prevent and end homelessness in Washington, DC and beyond! Webform

The Webform module, used to create forms and surveys, is the 7th most installed module on Form submissions can trigger customizable e-mail notifications to administrators and/or submitters. Results can be exported into Excel or other spreadsheet applications. Webform also provides basic statistical reviews of submission data and offers an extensive API for expanding its features.

Why Webform needs you

We need your help to improve Drupal’s Form API, Webform, and add-on modules that extend the functionality of webforms. Many of these modules are not at a stable release. Drupal’s Core Form API has accessibility issues that need to be addressed. Assistance is needed in implementing fixes, testing, and updating documentation. Click here to view some of the Form API accessibility issues that need fixing.


Contribution code sprints will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Rooms A and B on the lower level each day of Drupal GovCon. Be sure to bring your laptop and charger!

Wednesday, July 24: Code Contribution 101

We’ll spend the first day learning what code contribution is all about. Discussions will include issue queues, GitHub repositories, and any other information you need. We’ll also help you set up your local development environment. The goal is to ensure you have what you need to successfully contribute for the rest of Drupal GovCon and beyond. Come with your laptops and questions!

Thursday and Friday, July 25-26: Code Contribution

Contributing to Webform or HopeOneSource


Sign up for code contribution sprints by Tuesday, July 23rd! This allows us to better plan and place developers with tasks that best fit their interests and skill sets.

  • Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you more information and tips on what you’ll need to be successful with this code contribution.
  • Closer to the event start date, we will send you an email with your team and project assignments.
  • Questions or concerns? Please reach out to Follow @drupalgovcon on Twitter to receive the latest updates.

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