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Krystal Webber
Krystal Webber, Global Design Lead, IBM Blockchain Services
Job Title
Global Design Lead, IBM Blockchain Services

Krystal Webber is the Global Design Lead for Blockchain Services at IBM, responsible for evangelizing for human-centered design thinking with companies around the world. She is as comfortable leading a large group of executives in empathizing with their audience as she is in geeking out with technologists on the forefront of Watson advancements. Her experience in Digital Transformation spans the breadth of the enterprise, from marketing to product design and technology stacks, and her passion for design thinking is tangible in interactions with her on the topic. Prior to joining IBM, she spent years advocating for Digital Transformation in marketing agencies including Cyberwoven, nFusion, and Harte Hanks. Prior to that, she studied Journalism, Mass Communications and Public Relations at the University of South Carolina-Columbia, graduating both with summa cum laude honors and an enthusiasm for her beloved Gamecocks that endures to this day.