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Scientific research is conducted to identify special results that will play a major role in the further development of science and practical developments. As a rule, the result is new essayassistant.org, functions, inventions and other phenomena, which in the future have the right to a patent and implementation in modern life.

The significance and results of the research are included in the introductory part of the term paper. This result should have a perspective for further development in science and have value in practice.

To determine how valuable will be the significance and https://essayassistant.org/geometry-help/, it is necessary to identify the novelty of the research, goals and objectives of the project.

Theoretical significance tells how you can apply knowledge in practice and science to achieve great results, how to use this knowledge now and in the future.

What the results of theoretical research provide: replenishment of the scientific base with new and relevant information; identification of unexplored properties and functions and comparison with past research in order to find additional information; global description of the subject in terms of theory; systematization and analysis of data and comparison with old ones to identify the value of their use; increasing the level of knowledge for a particular area of research; looking at and studying the problem from another perspective.

The results of the practical part of the research are used to study and implement them in practice. If the project has the results of practical research, it shows that the author has tried to identify new help with algebra homework for the implementation of practical actions, tested them and is ready to make recommendations for the use of these tools in a particular area.

What the results of practical research provide: Implementation of new methods for applied science; development of new tools for application in the work of the enterprise; pay attention to how effective the results in practice, in which case the project will be of great importance for science.

To describe the practical relevance competently, use cliché phrases: "the results of the research can be implemented in...", "the results of the action research provide the basis for creating...", "the research program will help in the work of...", etc.

For the result to have weight in the work, you need to back it up with reports, extracts, calculations, charts and tables.


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