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Ranferi Rabiela
Ranferi Rabiela
Job Title
Tech Lead

Started in software development working for clients including Xerox, HP, and US and Mexican federal contractors. Served as Information Technology Director for the Mexican Embassy where I led the overhaul of the Embassy’s technology infrastructure and the software design of the Mexican Passport Issue system --- a project that successfully issued millions of passports in 35 offices across every state in Mexico. Realized my passion for coding and re-established myself as a software engineer focusing on developing clients’ dreams in the most cost effective manner. I have worked on Drupal projects for premium clients such as PayPal and eBay to reduce manual work and build in effective processes. My work ethics include: always delivering to highest standards, surpassing clients’ wishes, and managing expectations top to bottom to mitigate risk and build efficiency. 
I am seeking new opportunities that will leverage my skill sets and expertise with an organization that is ready to thrive to new creative and innovative levels. 


• Drupal back-end development 
• Drupal front-end development
• REST and SOAP integration
• Scrum
• Software Development
• Developing Integrated Solutions
• Teamwork
• Problem Solving
• Software Testing
• Analytical Skills