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Saya Sone
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Agile Coach

Dr. Saya Sone is an Agile Evangelist and an Enterprise Agile Coach for Agile Transformation, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a  professor at VIU (Virginia International University), and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). Her passion is to help her clients such as leaders, Individuals, and teams to discover their new beliefs, thoughts, directions, or emotions that strengthen their capabilities to accomplish their priorities. Her happiness is to be a partner when her clients grown in their potentials. When Dr. Sone enjoys delivering her speeches in schools, conferences, meetups, and organizations, her topics include motivations for behavioral changes, keeping balance for maximum growth, designing Lean Canvas to recognize MVP (Minimal Viable product), setting goals to achieve life potential and a variety of Agile and coaching related topics. Dr. Sone is a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). She wrote two books Business Value of Agile Methods: Maximizing ROI with Just-in-Time Processes and Documentation” and Mapping Agile Practices to Project Management Challenges.