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Sarah Galimore
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Project Delivery Strategist

In her role as a consultant and strategist, Sarah offers over 14 years of diverse experience and visionary leadership in product and service delivery. She applies a fresh way of thinking to tackle the challenges of project delivery and a diversity of expertise that ensures unparalleled experiences. Her experience spans multiple market verticals including Finance, Education, Government, Healthcare and Insurance working with diverse organizations from small not-for-profits to large financial institutions. Her passion, ambition and dedication to quality and excellence led to leadership positions with increasing levels of responsibility, including oversight of multi-million dollar IT project portfolios. Although most of her work focuses in the IT domain, her innate curiosity, resourcefulness and resolve afforded opportunities in non-IT project work as well such as business strategy, organizational development and even campaign management support in grassroots activation for public policy initiatives. Sarah is a values-driven team player, with a reputation for delivering results through motivating and building high-performing teams. She is an entrepreneurial change agent with a keen focus on creative collaboration that breaks through barriers to achieve success.