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Keenan Holloway
Keenan holding a skateboard
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Technical Architect

Keenan has always had a fervent obsession with knowing how things work from start to finish. This diverse focus enables him to contribute to all aspects of project development, including code development, information architecture, and data migration. With a computer science degree from Tuskegee University, Keenan came to Forum One from the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, where he developed sites for the Washington D.C. Government Portal. Keenan enjoys building cause-driven projects for clients, that is, when he’s not too busy with autocross, biking, skateboarding, and – as the mug on his desk confirms – being the Best Dad EVER.

By day I am a Senior Developer at Forum One and with their support have spoke as well as contributed numerous articles and presentations at NYCCamp (2014 and 2015), Capital Camp (2012 - 2015), GovCon 2016 and 2017 and the oh-so-important DC and Northern VA Drupal Meetups.