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J.R. is a co-founder and the current CEO of SimpleInformation.com. J.R. has a talent for helping people understand technology. It is he who gave us the name "Simple Information." And it's not just a name, but a philosophy that guides us with everything we do.

J.R. is a former I.T. manager for JTEKT North America, a Toyota Group company, where he successfully implemented multi-million dollar ERP and Production systems. He has a graduate degree in Engineering Science, Mechanical Engineering, from Japan's top engineering university, The Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Maryland. J.R. has taught, and developed Drupal sites for more than three years. Although he is a certified PHP developer and loves to code, he spends most of his time on business development and helping clients reach their goals. And cooking Japanese food, of course.