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Methods To Apply Invisible Zipper

As a sewing starter, you might go through some struggles such as adjusting the invisible zipper. Normally, I prefer to attach a zipper with the help of the best easy to use sewing machine for beginners like Brother XM2701 mechanical sewing machine because I don’t have to go through any complications of handling the machine. Now let’s go through 4 methods how to apply the invisible zipper.

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#1 Ironing and pressing:

You can start by pressing the zipper from the inner side and then keep the process going on for about 2-3 minutes until you can see the crisp of the zipper. Now you can adjust the zipper as you want it’ll be placed on the garment with the help of a sewing machine or by hand, as you want. To make your work look professional, you just have to keep applying several things to achieve fantastic results in the end.


#2 Using tape to hold the zipper:

In most cases, you may get stuck in the beginning where you have to cleanly fold the fabric to the sides of the zipper to make it invisible. But after being done with the stitches, you can then try to open and close the zipper to see if it’s not working properly or not. In this case, use taping and start sewing by the sewing machine. The edges will not reveal and the zipper will work properly.

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#3 Check the alignment:

To check the alignment, you can measure it with the scale and observe whether everything is alright or not? When it comes to alignment, you should not forget to fold the edges of the fabric neatly around the corners of the zipper. Also, you ought to press the fabric around the zipper with the help of iron to flatten it and to get rid of the needle tricks.

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#4 Cutting the Length:

In some cases, you might want to cut the zipper shorter to adjust the length because your project requirement is to have a short zipper as compared to the one you have. Certainly, this is not a time to rush to the market and purchase a new one for the project. Keep yourself relax and take steps wisely.

Take a tool that you can pull out the jaws of the zipper if you are applying a metal zipper. Always measure the zipper from the top of the pull and cut from the stopper side. In this way, you can adjust it without putting so much effort.



Sewing an invisible zipper is an art itself so when you get successful in this kind of task, you can pat yourself on the back. I used to think how they can adjust the zipper into the dress without the rough edges but after applying certain tricks without getting panic, I succeeded.

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