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Dori Kelner
Dori Kelner
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Managing Partner

Dori Kelner leads individuals and organizations to show up more present and compassionate to their lives and their workplaces. She has transitioned from a tech leader and Drupal agency owner to a mindfulness teacher and facilitator, bringing to her practice her direct experience of coping with burnout and anxiety. Dori teaches us how to cultivate mindfulness as a way of being aware and connected, allowing us to change our relationship with the people and stressors around us each day. She has been a speaker at DrupalCon, GovCon, and many camps, as well as other conferences. She is credentialed by the Mindfulness Center at Brown University’s School of Public Health, is certified in workplace mindfulness facilitation by Mindful Leader, and is a certified yoga teacher. Dori is a volunteer with Mindful Leader’s Meditate Together initiative, and a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) leadership forum.