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Are you cut out for a role in sales

Sales jobs usually conjure up images of aggressive, highly driven individuals who eat, sleep and breathe with their Blackberry’s attached to their ear. This stereotype, however, isn’t true – whilst sales professionals may spend more time talking to clients than those in other roles, they are most certainly not required to be unfriendly, dishonest and pushy. In fact, a personable demeanour, friendly telephone manner and adept knowledge of figures are far more advantageous.


Ideal for graduates who have completed a non-career specific degree, sales jobs are fast-paced and challenging, so you’ll need to be an energetic, enthusiastic person with a passion for success. If you don’t want a mundane, solely office-based role, then working as a sales executive is ideal, as you could be out of the office on a regular basis, attending meetings and making presentations. Indeed for many lucky sales professionals, their role requires them to travel overseas, pitching to international clients.Learn more about our service on


With a lot of presentations and on-the-spot questions involved, you’ll need to be good at thinking on your feet, as well as delivering master papers prices. A professional aura is required at all times, so invest in a well-fitting suit for those big occasions – whilst power dressing is big this season, ensure you don’t look too aloof, by adding a flavour of your own personality into your work outfits.

With the job market recovering from the recession, sales jobs are becoming more widely available, nevertheless, as it’s a challenging but rewarding field, expect competition from high-calibre individuals. With the help of a sales recruitment agency, you can prepare for any interviews and pre-interview screening processes, as well as harnessing the job search power of a well-networked recruiter.