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Shawn MacFarland
Job Title
Chief Technology Officer

Bringing more than 20 years of software engineering experience designing and developing both federal and commercial enterprise solutions. Over his career he has developed shrink wrapped and mobile apps, lead teams and business units, linearized legacy costs and championed modern approaches, and most recently architected and directed the creation of an AWS dual Region FedRAMP compliant Content Management PAAS. He loves to solve complex technical problems and to oversee the implementation of solutions to those problems. Over the years he has worked with large projects based on COM/CORBA C++ Enterprise, JAVA EE, Ruby on Rails, Percussion, both Drupal and WordPress CMSes, and node.js. He is OS agnostic, loving Linux and Windows equally, so long as the master-images are CIS-Benchmark compliant and current with security patches. Rather than focusing on a specific language stack, he advocates polyglot solutions to leverage language strengths to the specific problems spaces in which they excel. Because he respects the difficulty of distributed computing problems he prefers cloud service solutions particularly AWS-based offerings, to the creation of custom coded solutions to handle enterprise infrastructure services.