External Caching in D8: Cache clear all the things!

Presenters: adam.weingarten

Speaker(s): adam.weingarten, nielsvm

Tired of manually clearing caches?  Tired of needing the Rules and the Expire module to clear any non-node content (views, panels)?  Everything you know about caching is about to change.

Drupal 8 solves these problems and pushes the boundaries of website caching with its new “cache tags” concept. The Purge module streamlines and extends this behavior to external caching systems and CDNs. We will explain how cache tags are fundamentally different from path based purging.  Like magic? We’re going to demonstrate a couple of complex cache invalidation examples which would have been impossible in Drupal 7, across Drupal, Varnish and CloudFlare!

What’s covered:

  • Caching explained
  • How external cache invalidation in Drupal 7 (does not really) work.
  • Drupal 8’s cache tags and how innovative it actually is.
  • The Purge module, your CDN agnostic middleware connecting the dots.
  • A practical example with Varnish and Cloudflare.

For who:

  • Content editors that want their sites to be fast, resilient and always fresh.
  • Site builders integrating CDN’s and external caching systems.
  • Developers who need a solid external cache invalidation API leveraging D8.
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