Session Tracks

Sessions are organized by track (see below), and experience level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).  To encourage and facilitate offline communications, Slack channels have been created for each track. See their names and links below.

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Session Tracks

Coding and Development

The Coding and Development track is focused on educating developers on the latest techniques and tools for increasing the quality and efficacy of their projects. Topics will include best practices for coding and debugging in Drupal 8, making decisions and plans for migrating sites from earlier versions of Drupal or other systems, upgrading contrib to Drupal 8, engagement with other frameworks and technologies, high performance and large scale development experiences, and exploring the advantages of participating in open-source culture. Come share the vast wealth of knowledge and lessons learned and collaborate with other engineers from around the world!

Slack channel: #coding-and-dev

Community and Being Human

The Community and Being Human track is all  about the human and community aspects of the Drupal and the larger Open Source world.  Learn about how to be happy and healthy at work, how to be a productive team and community member, how the community and project support each other, how you can contribute to the community no matter your expertise, and more. This track is also for everyone wanting to hear stories about how Drupal helped make dreams come true.

Slack channel: #community-being-human

Content Strategy and Analytics

This track examines the planning, development, information architecture, and management of  web content  and how we drive action  to our core audiences and diverse users. The Content Strategy and Analytics track also examines data, analytics, and other quantitative metrics that content creators and marketers use to make informed decisions about the quality and effectiveness of  their content.

Slack channel: #content-strategy-analytics

Design, UX, and Accessibility

Design, Theming and User Experience (UX), and Accessibility form the foundation of all interactions on the web and require consideration beyond the web. These interactions include off-screen/non-web interactions that  diverse users may have when they interact with your company, product, service, and/or environment.

Slack channel: #design-ux-accessibility

Devops, Performance, Security, and Privacy

DevOps is the convergence of technologies between application / software development and cloud / server management. The DevOps space has exploded, in recent years,  due to the need for thousands of businesses and agencies to rapidly scale up their web and software applications. This track covers everything from performance monitoring, security policy, tools and implementation, privacy/efficacy DevOps methods, and continuous integration and deployment.

Slack channel: #devops-performance-security-privacy


Keynote speakers are well known for their expertise in a particular field, or who have wide name recognition due to other accomplishments.  The Drupal GovCon team invites keynote speakers. If you have a speaker you would like to recommend as a keynote, please email

Slack channels: #keynote-wednesday #keynote-thursday  |  #keynote-friday

Project and Team Management

Good management is an integral component of successful teams and projects. This track aims to discuss and innovate on the practices, principles, and tools that make teams and projects run better and faster. We hope this content will speak to project managers/directors, scrum masters and other “PMs”.

Slack channel: #project-team-management

Site Building and Using Drupal

The “site builder” audience creates websites using the Drupal UI and contributed modules. Presentations in this category should focus on what comes “out of the box” with Drupal, and less about what can be done with custom code. The power of Drupal lies not just in the core platform, but also in powerful contributed modules that allow one to build sites quickly and efficiently. This track is designed to teach you ways to let Drupal do the hard work without needing to write code.

Slack channel: #site-building-using-drupal