Bringing USAJobs Data to the USDA Forest Service D7 Site - How We Did it!

Presenters: CrashTest_

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For the USDA Forest Service National HQ site, the Jobs page is the #2 most trafficked page after our home page. There was only one minor problem with that page, there were no jobs on it!

In this session, you will learn how, using only contributed modules and a little strange JSONPath syntax, we pulled from USAJobs Search API every bit of data we needed to display all USDA Forest Service jobs on our site, and made it easy to filter, search, and apply for those jobs.

By the end of this session, you should understand how to use the Feeds module to setup an importer, parse JSON files through Feeds using JSONPath syntax, tamper with Feeds results before they are stored using Feeds Tamper, and setup a view to display your Feeds content! We will also cover alternatives the we didn't use (but might have), as well as pain points.

This session will be appropriate for beginner to intermediate audiences and will include a link to the code of a shared version of our Jobs Feature, as well as a document detailing the technical aspects of this build out.

The github containing all of the feature code and supporting modules and libraries can be found at

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