Planning & Managing Migrations

Presenters: aimeerae

Session Recording:

Drupal 8 is great! Yay! Now it’s time to migrate!

There are many moving parts in a migration project compared to a new website build. Ensure your migration is a success with these architectural guidelines, helpful planning tools, and lessons learned.

The Order of Operations is important in migration projects. Keeping excellent, detailed documentation of each phase of migration is tantamount to success. These migration projects can be lengthy. Working in an efficient manner will provide your team the fitness to complete the project!

Topics covered:


  •     Types of migrations (Single Pass, Incremental, Hybrid).
  •     Major phases of a migration project.
  •     Planning efforts and documentation created for each phase.
  •     Architectural considerations to migration - content, infrastructure, etc.
  •     What migration support is provided “out of the box” and what is “custom development”?
  •     Role-specific considerations, tools, and needs.
  •     Gotchas, facepalms, and “remember tos”.

What level of knowledge should you have coming into this session?


  •     Be familiar with basic Drupal terminology such as: a node, content type, and field.
  •     Understand simple project management concepts such as: resources, dependencies, tasks, and estimation.
  •     Have a passion for (or fear of) juicy migration projects.

What will your session accomplish?

  •     Prepare the community for Drupal 8 migrations!
  •     Identify key success and failure points within migration projects.
  •     Provide tools for project managers and development teams to plan and architect migrations.

What will attendees walk away having learned?


  •     Understand the scope of a migration project.
  •     Terminology and concepts to communicate with management and development teams.
  •     Practical samples of migration planning documents.
  •     How much time and money can be wasted if a migration isn’t well planned and documented.
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