Do what I mean, not what I say: How to run an Agile project for a Waterfall client

Presenters: NoahWolfe

Government contracts are increasingly asking for Agile project teams. But government systems from contracts to delivery are designed for Waterfall. How can we as project managers, engineers and designers meet client demands while still leveraging the benefits of our Agile methodology?

In this session I will look at three different vendor-client Agile relationships: the hands on Agile client, the waterfall client who is Agile curious, and the hard Waterfall client.

In each case we will explore:

- What patterns to expect from each of these client types, good and bad

- How to mitigate common challenges (for example translating requirements to user stories)

- Strategies to maintain your Agile approach while still meeting government accountability requirements like milestones, stage gates, and documentation

- How to bring your client into your Agile project

Attendees should walk away with new strategies to help them successfully deliver their project using Agile while still satisfying government contract needs.

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