Drupal 8 Custom Module Architecture: What’s Going On?

Presenters: legaudinier

It is all fun and games modifying existing code, but what about when you have to venture out to unknown waters and create your own custom module? Don’t worry! We can get through this together!

This talk is a deep dive into creating custom modules from scratch, and the role of each component in the final product.

Let’s consider when it is appropriate to leverage custom development, explore the anatomy of a custom module, the types of expected files in a custom module, and the wonderful world of what you can do with a custom module (spoiler - it is a lot!).

This talk will include: Composer, forms, theming within a module, custom pages, Drupal namespacing, object oriented conventions, plugins, controllers, routes and more!

Presentation slides here: https://legaudinier.github.io/Custom-Module-Presentation/#/

Presentation custom module here: https://github.com/legaudinier/Custom-Module-Presentation-Capable-Module

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